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  • GIS Vacuum Lifters
    • GIS vacuum lifters guarantee the gentle handling of goods of different materials like wood, glass, stone, metal or plastic. Flat, convex and concave shapes with smooth or porous surfaces can be safely, effortlessly and gently transported with the appropriate vacuum lifter.
    • From standard products for sacks, cardboard boxes or panels, to customer-specific versions, we offer a wide range of vacuum lifting solutions. Small transport loads with frequent handling or heavy, unwieldy transport goods with unusual handling – every vacuum system is tailored to its use and assures gentle material handling.
  • Palamatic Vacuum Lifters
    • Each industrial sector faces its own set of problems when moving materials throughout the operation. The Palamatic Vacuum Lifter concept is simply about offering distinct categories that combine to lift loads from 10kg or less up to 400kg.
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