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  • Track-O Twin Track 47
    • All our models are battery-powered which makes it possible to operate them inside buildings and in confined spaces, as well as outside. Furthermore, our vehicles have wireless remote controls so that operators can stay far from dangerous equipment and avoid injury. All the vehicles in our fleet produce less than 80 decibels and emit no fumes; they have a good work runtime time, and require very little maintenance.
  • Track-O Jib
    • The Track-O Jib Crane is an excellent portable lifting solution that can be used as an alternative to an overhead crane or other cumbersome, expensive equipment.
      This movable accessory makes it possible to lift loads of up to 1000 lbs and to move the loads over flat or inclined surfaces. The crane attachment fits on the Track-O Twin-Track 66 or the Track-O Heavy Duty. It has an electric and hydraulic chain hoist and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Twin-Track 66
    • A load bearing capacity of nearly 1,100 lbs (503 kg) on stairs. This model is used mainly when staircase landings are narrow or where there is limited room to move. The Twin-Track 66 lifting platform can climb stairs with an angle of inclination of nearly 40 degrees. Easily moved from one place to another on a trailer or in the box of a transportation vehicle.
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    • Contact us here for more information about the Greengo and Minidozer M27 models
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